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Heel Villain

Dump Matsumoto (ダンプ松本, Danpu Matsumoto) is one of the leading female all-time evil heel wrestlers in All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling in 1980's

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Fighter Jobber Face

I am in love erotic wrestling and I’m always looking for someone to fight.

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Fighter Heel Puncher Villain

Two things I love most...Pro Wrestling and Making America Great Again!

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Jobber Trainee Punchee

Bratty Queen... All of you are my peasants and I Can make you submit to me very quickly if you really want... Ok I try .

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Here I come to save the day, or wreck it!

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Fighter Squeezer

We feel the imbalance. One is stronger. Superior. If you yield even an inch, I will fill the void with all my strength and you will submit.

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503 Characters