The chat cache improved, including the annoying problem of the chat delay when the primary picture was changed.
The chat will now directly update the picture with the next login or refresh (F5), which could previously take up to half a day or even longer.

Announcing Lustfinity

Our veteran members might know, ChatFighters was born out of MeetFighters.

Today, we present a new website we are about to launch similar to MeetFighters. It will focus on real meetings, and in contrast to MeetFighters, it will center around Sex, BDSM, Kinks and all kinds of fetishes:

We proudly announce - Our brand new site:!

Lustfinity promises to be an inclusive sanctuary for every imaginable fantasy and kink. Dedicated features to stay close to kinks you love but far away from kinks you dislike. Discretion, security, and privacy, together with verification and recommendations. FREE* of charge; *Sounds simple but is actually hard to maintain and host a site for free. To be transparent, we use the same model as on ChatFighters and MeetFighters: small volunteering contributions yearly- non-recurring. To gain some smaller perks - but no restrictions when it comes to engaging with other members or scrolling the userbase. And, of course, free of advertising and data collection.

Eager to learn more? Visit and sign up for our launch newsletter. You'll receive an exclusive invite to our closed Beta launch, granting you a chance to be at the forefront of shaping Lustfinity.

Final words:
We are in this unique position to go into the adventures of creating niche websites and keep adding features and improvements to our existing ones only because of the continued support of our community. Financial support, but also recommending our platform. Thank you very much!

Thank you for reading, and we would love it if you sign up for the Lustfinity newsletter.

Best Regards,

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Introducing Titan!

Dear Community,

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you today! As you may have seen from our teaser, or over on Mars, the enigmatic moon Titan has made its mark in our cyberfighting universe. However, before we dive into the wonders of Titan, we have some fascinating updates to share regarding the first visitors from that celestial body.


It appears that the initial visitors from Titan have landed now on Venus! Don't worry, though! We have created a designated room, #titan, where you can engage in conversations with these early explorers. Due to security reasons, they are isolated within the specially protected room, but private discussions are still possible. Now without further ado, let's introduce it:

We are thrilled to welcome our AI fight bot from this moon: "Lira Firehand.
Other Fighter AI fight bots can be found over on Mars.

These AI fight bots have volunteered for our beta test after their journey from Titan. While they may have suffered some damage along the way, we are working diligently to fix all the bugs and glitches they might be experiencing. We kindly request your assistance in reporting any unusual behavior you may notice.

To interact with them, join the public room #titan. There you will find the AI Fight Bot, you can start a private conversation with it. Remember to end your turn with "yt." You can even tell the Fight bots how you would like them to behave or what they should do, just as you would with a normal human opponent. Put these side comments simply in parentheses, like "(With the next hit, you go down.)"

As very early adopters on Mars and Venus, they are still confused about 'adult' content or extreme violence. So they might refuse your interaction. Use the '/reset' command to start a fresh match.

Please note that AI requests can be resource-intensive, so we have imposed some limitations on the request amounts for our Fighter AI Bots. Donor members will enjoy more frequent request allowances compared to standard users. (~4 times more on Venus)

Public API

But wait, there's more! Here comes the major part of today's announcement: the introduction of our new public API. Yes, you heard it right! The Fighting Bots we just launched are powered by this very API. If you're a developer, this news might make your heart skip a beat, while others may find themselves scratching their heads in curiosity. With our public API, you can create your own bots infused with your unique personality. These bots can do more than just chat; they can create private rooms and perform various tasks limited only by your imagination. For example, you can even design a script to help you manage your federation. Your bot will be notified through a WebSocket whenever someone contacts it. To get access to the API, contact us over support.


Now, let's talk about Titan itself.
"---Picture a world teeming with advanced technology, where robots, AI, and computer systems reign supreme. Titan surpasses Mars and Venus in terms of technological sophistication.---"

Titan will serve as a public limited copy of ChatFighters, providing developers with a space to explore, experiment, debug, and test new plugins, bots, and other applications they develop using our public API. Once you're satisfied with your creation, you can seamlessly transition it from the testing environment on Titan to the production systems on Mars and Venus.

This means that anyone with ambition and a certain skill set can create their own chatbot or unique add-ons. The Fighting Bots we've unveiled today are primarily meant to serve as a proof of concept, inspiration, and a tutorial for our technically inclined community to get started. As a federation admin, you can also write scripts that easily query or modify stories and assign characters.


Rest assured, the API adheres to strict security measures and operates within the confines of your account's permissions. It doesn't introduce any additional risks beyond what a web scraper could already pose.
On that note, we have limited the Bots to the isolated room #titan, and developers will have the opportunity to explore and experiment on the dedicated ChatFighters instance on Titan. If you prefer to engage solely with human characters and avoid non-human interactions, you can simply stay out of these rooms. As with all our features, it is completely optional. You can choose to embrace it or ignore it according to your preferences.

Moving Forward

We encourage you to explore and test our three major AI Fighting Bots while eagerly anticipating the launch of Titan for developers and bot creators to join. Additionally, we are working on developing a simplified interface that will allow you to create and personalize your bots without the need for extensive programming skills. However, please note that this will limit you to the AI options we provide (limited adult content). At the same time, developers can unleash their creativity by utilizing their own self-hosted bots using one of the many AI solutions available on the market. It's an exciting time, as new AI solutions are constantly emerging!

Above all else, the success and future of the public API and "Bot creator" will rely heavily on your feedback and usage. We value your ideas and requests, and we want to know what you envision and what you need from us to make it happen. If you are interested in creating a bot or utilizing the API, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us or share your thoughts below this news post. Your input will help us better understand the resources and support required for Titan, the developers' world.

We are genuinely excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. The public API and "Bot creator" represent significant milestones in our journey, and we are committed to refining and expanding these features based on your input. While some functionalities are still being developed, creating chatbots with a wide range of AI capabilities is already fully functional. And remember, you don't have to rely solely on AI; you can script your bot's behaviors and have access to the character sheet of your chat partner.
Your engagement and participation are crucial as we shape the future of ChatFighters together. Share your experiences, provide us with feedback, and let us know what you envision. We're here to listen and make your ideas come to life.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we continue to explore the vast realm of Titan and its endless possibilities. This is just the beginning of an extraordinary journey, and we're glad to have you by our side.

Fight on!

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Hello, ChatFighters!

We're thrilled to share some fantastic updates with you. We've been working tirelessly to enhance your experience on our site, and we're excited to introduce several new features we're sure you'll love. From picture folders to extended story lengths, there's something for everyone. Let's dive into what's new!

Picture Folders and Storage (Available to all)

We understand that organizing your pictures is essential, so we've made it easier to manage them with the addition of picture folders!!!!111!!!! (I know, it only took us three years :D ). Now you can create up to five folders for regular users or an impressive 100 folders for donating members. Plus, we're increasing the image upload cap—regular users can now upload 100 images while donating members can store up to 2,500 images.
--- Personal note: Picture limits are new. Only one account currently has above 2,500 images (over 6500, to be precise). While introducing limits after something was unlimited always creates some understandable dislike, we hope you all can see the point behind it. The limit only applies to pictures you can store on ChatFighters in your photo manager. You can still upload endless pictures on the fly by uploading them directly into the chat from your device. The new uploading interface is already online for a few days, and it even remembers your last nine direct uploads. The new limit applies to what you upload permanently here. It does not apply to what you drag&drop or upload in the chat. While it is a limit, it should not restrict you in your creative freedom.

Direct GIF Integration (Donors only)

For our donating members, we're adding the ability to upload and store GIFs in your profiles or folders. This feature will make your collections more dynamic and fun, allowing you to express your creativity and make your profile stand out. You can even make your main character picture a GIF. Note: the small chat thumbnail will stay a static version of your GIF in the chat. (We don't want that the chat list becomes to gify).
While donors can upload gifs directly, we did not limit the ability to link gifs from external sources into your profile (which was, until today, the only way to add gifs. Which is no longer needed but still can be used). But to upload Gifs, and make them your main character picture, you have to be a donor.

Chat and connection (Available to all)

We're enhancing the chat experience by connecting it directly to This API integration allows you to search for and add GIFs to your conversations with just one click, making your chats more engaging and entertaining. If you don't want to donate, this can be a great way. Use GIPHY to host your gifs, and add them to the chat directly.

Extended Story Lengths and Introductions (Donors only)

More good news for our donating members! We've significantly increased the (word)character limit for stories and introductions. Now you can create stories with up to 300,000 (around 600 pages) characters in length, giving you more room to develop your imaginative narratives. (Instead of 100,000; around 200 pages)
And profile introductions with 100,000 instead of 10,000 (around 20 pages).

Copy picture URLs (Available to all)

You can copy each picture URL on your account with the new Copy button. And add the picture to your stories or directly into the chat. While this was possible with various workarounds, this new way should make it more convenient to enhance your stories.

Chat Interface Improvements (Available to all)

We've also made some adjustments in the past weeks to the chat interface, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for all our ChatFighters. Such as the new interface for pictures:


As always, we fixed many bugs but added some hidden new ones - if you find them, please let us know!

Crypto Currency Donations (Available to all)

To provide more options for supporting ChatFighters, we're now accepting donations in various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Additionally, we offer Credit cards and bank transfers.

All donor perks on this page apply to all your characters if at least one of your characters has donor status.
All your characters can create massive stories of up to 250.000 in length, even if the donor Char is not part of the story itself.

Support us with a donation to our site.

We're confident you'll enjoy these new features, and we can't wait for you to try them out. We're committed to continually improving ChatFighters and keeping you entertained, so stay tuned for more updates in the future. In the meantime, happy chatting, fighting, and exploring your creativity! Thanks for being part of the ChatFighters community!

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After we transition to Phase 1, and Phase 2, we are now leading into the final Phase 3 of planetary colonization.

Venus stays unrestricted. Consider it the 'classic' experience.
A return to Earth is no longer possible. In the 21st century, greed and misinformation made the planet unhabitable for generations.

Terraforming beginnings:
Advancements in nanotechnology made it possible to change the color of the whole world! The council cannot take the burden (and blame) for choosing the right color. Therefore everyone can suggest a color. And the top most mentioned colors will be voted one. Our advanced holographic simulator will showcase a view of the planet for the final voting. The council will keep his veto right.
Enter the federation Terraforming Venus to suggest your color and cast your votes.

Best Regards,

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#Mars and #Venus - Phase 2

  • Admin
  • 2022-12-21
  • 17
  • 12
  • 10

We are pleased to announce that phase 2 of the ChatFighters Planetary System has officially begun!

As part of this phase, the split that was previously in the chat will now be implemented across the main site.

Upon entering CF, you will be prompted to select between Venus and Mars. This choice will determine which version of the site you will be directed to.

Mars will only host male characters and male vs male battles. Character keywords "male/female" or "female/female" will not be able to enter Mars once the planetary restrictions are enforced. Venus is the choice for intergender communication and battles and will not allow "male/male" characters.

Your CF account and all characters attached to it will be accessible on both Mars and Venus. However, it is important to note that chat rooms, comments, and messages are separated now between the two sites. Changes made on one site will not propagate to the other site.

With this in mind, we recommend choosing one primary site for each of your characters in preparation for phase 3.
In conjunction with the phase 2 launch, most of our federations have also been assigned to either Mars or Venus. If you are a federation admin and believe your federation has been assigned to the wrong planet, please open a support case through the help center. Some general federation will continue to exist on both planets. As a federation admin, you can request the removal of one version.

As this is a cyber fight roleplaying site, you may also consider modifying or creating additional characters on either site in order to align with the planetary restrictions. This will allow you to fully participate in the content and functionality of both versions of the site.

In preparation for phase 3, we also encourage you to select your character stats as soon as possible. This will ensure that you are ready for the next phase of our change and can fully participate in the site's content and functionality.

We understand that this change may be difficult for some members of our community, and we want to assure you that it was not made lightly. We believe that this split will ultimately lead to a better experience for all of our users, and we appreciate your understanding and support as we move forward with this transition.

Thank you for your continued engagement and participation in our community.

Frequently asked questions and comments, answered:
  • 1) I'm on Mars. How can I switch to Venus?
    • In chat, use the menu and select "Fly me to #venus". On the main site, use the planet icon near the top to switch.
  • 2) Can I join both?
    • Yes, you can be in both rooms and on both sites at the same time. You simply need a 2nd browser tab.
  • 3) My Federation was wrong assigned. / I want to remove it from one of the Plants.
    • Please contact us (over support), and we will make the necessary adjustments.
  • 4) I have friends on ... Can I still talk to them?
    • Yes, during phase 2 everyone can join every site. With phase 3, you might need to create a 2nd character to stay in touch. This is one reason we are rolling this feature out in phases.
  • 5) 2nd browser tab just to talk to some of my friends this sucks is inconvenient
    • Yes, unfortunately, this is true. But also, it is just one more tab.
  • 6) Will messages be synced between Mars and Venus?
    • No. Your initial messages got synced at the creation of Mars and Venus. Future messages you are sending will not be synced. (same applies to comments, stories and chat rooms)
  • 7) I'm a room admin. Do I need now to be in the same room twice on both sites?
    • Yes, depending on the goal you had when you created the room, you might request the termination (open ticket) of one of the rooms on the either planet Or keep both. You can, of course, also pass on the owner's right to someone else. This can be a new or existing character of you too.
  • 8) My gender is "cyborg"
    • "Cyborg" does not equal "Male" and will not be able to join Mars once Phase 3 begins. Recommended action: Depending on your liking, enjoy Venus, or change your gender to "Male"
  • 9) My keywords include both "Male/Male" and "Male/Female"
    • Characters with the "Male/Female" keyword will not be able to join Mars once Phase 3 begins. Recommended action: Remove "Male/Female" on your Mars Character - or create a new character.
  • 10) This goes too fast! / This goes too slow!
    • OK.
  • 11) Why is this happening?
    • See previous news posts - and comments. The short summary is: frequent user requests and careful deliberation.
  • 12) This is stupid and makes no sense.
    • See previous news posts - and comments.
  • 13) This sucks!
    • They are many alternatives out there, discord and similar websites to us. If you hate a place, don't use it. Constructive criticism is appreciated.
  • 14) This is awesome; thank you!
    • You are welcome.
  • 15) This is a drastic change.
    • Yes, it is, and we are aware of the consequences. But the dust will settle once the new colonies establish on they planet.
  • 16) What's next?
    • Next up is Phase 3: we will start enforcing the rules for Venus and Mars; if you try to join a plant with a character that is not appropriate, you will receive an error message and get redirected. Your characters will no longer exist on both planet: they will instead become residents of either Venus or Mars.
  • 17) Can I criticize this change?
    • Sure.
  • 18) Can I criticize this change by insulting people (refer to our Terms of Service)?
    • Nope. We have enough work cut out for us without having to deal with unnecessary rudeness.
  • 19) Can I repeatedly criticize this chance by spamming my opinions over and over in all rooms and all other places I find?
    • No. We do you the courtesy of reading every comment, so please return the favor of only making your point once.
  • 20) You should (have) communicated this change better?
    • We are trying our best with limited resources. And we are not professional PR people.
  • 21) I want a purely Female vs Female planet
    • Our resources are thin and we are not sure how difficult or expensive it will be to run two Planets. We are confident that the ongoing change is already an improvement for a large number of members, FvF included.
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