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Established: 2021-01-14

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A Demonstration Federation to show the possibilities to you all.
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Information about this DEMO federation!


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This Federation is set up as a demonstration of what is possible, and to allow you to interact with the features and functionalities.
On this federation page, you can see, for example:

-The integration of the chatroom (members of fed online / fed chatroom history)
-The Federation "wall", where members can post messages for the other federation members
-The usage of text boxes (this thing for example) to provide custom information.
-How stories are shown that members have linked (If you are a member of a federation, you can select that federation in your story, and will be shown on the federation stories page!)
-Show how a leaderboard can be implemented to show your excelling members.

All of these are configurable, so you can choose which content you want to display on your federation page.
You can make it as spartan or as big as you want, just dont overdo it, it has to remain usable! 😉

We invite you to use this DEMO federation to look around, test things, get used to it, so that when you join a federation, you're already familiar with some things.

In this federation forum, you can also ask questions, and we will try to answer them as best and fast as possible!

About DEMO Federation

The goal of this demonstration federation is just to show you, our public and users, what functionality a federation can offer.

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19:23 Azn_Puncher: I have created the public room #DEMO_Federation.
10:18 Deep_Thought: You are not logged in.
12:00 Azn_Puncher: test
15:19 Кети_кет:
00:33 ClawMaster: hello
18:17 Mountaineer: Hi!



2021-07-14 00:25

Hey I made a federation and had a chatroom on chatfighters you could chat on but it disapeared. HElp..... i want to get it back any body can help???


2021-01-16 14:50

Available for gut punch competition, back and forth or cinched up to a high beam, naked, feet dangling, to take your 10 best shots. All comers accepted regardless

Azn Puncher

2021-01-16 13:21

Tip: To see the federations you joined, you dont have to scroll through the whole federation list.

You can also see them on your own characters profile. ("Account" button on the top right, and then the "Hello <character name>" link below the characters profile pic.

Azn Puncher

2021-01-15 18:49

Oh, and remember guys, if you're looking to create your own place u sing the federation function (friendsgroup, league, fed, whatever), and have questions, feel free to ask around, or use the forum, etc!
We're here to help eachother! 😎

Deep Thought

2021-01-14 19:45

This is a public "Wall", where anyone can post a short message for their fellow Fed members.

How do i do X
Author: Azn Puncher
2 Replies
2 Replies
3 yr
Azn Puncher
2021-01-16 00:42
1 Replies
3 yr
Azn Puncher
2021-01-14 20:00
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