Site News #1


A good week passed, and the site is stable.
The phase of adding new features started!

We have a new archive from Yahoo:

If you know more yahoo groups we should contact, please let me know!

Later today/tomorrow, the Yahoo archives will be refreshed, hosting then all pictures and files as well.
Additional the search got enhanced, and you can search inside books:

Coming soon:

What else do you need or miss on ChatFighters?
Would you use a tournament system? Someone willing to host and manage the matches?

Best Regards,

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2019-10-28 14:45

Here a suggestion:
I remind a old wrestling site that has an amazing "cyber" option, you could toggle a "aviable for cyber" button, then all the chat members see that you were aviable in that moment for a cyber, and anyone could just click on you to start a match, if you accepted the challenge, a new chat room would have been opened and you could have set it to be private or public, in the second case anyone could read the match and the audience had their own chat windows to commentate.
that was so smart as a method, so you didn't have to ask anyone "start a match?" Just toggle "aviable" and wait for someone to challenge you" or you could just challenge who is "aviable"
I think that this would be the best.


2019-10-28 17:22

Tournaments would be great, plus the ability to search Characters/Members. Brilliant start, thanks for facilitating!


2019-11-01 23:45

(In reply to this)

Brilliant! Looks great - many thanks!

Likulau (deleted member)

2019-11-01 20:05

Hey powers that be,

SUper greatful for this awesome fantasy site and the nice chat to go with it. Could we please get the full dice rolling spectrum?
Different dice types and also mutiple dice rolls, For example, being able to roll 5 d6 or 1 d20. Something like that would be really cool for combats.


2019-11-14 19:37

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You can now throw all kinds of dice combinations:
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