#Mars and #Venus - Phase 2

We are pleased to announce that phase 2 of the ChatFighters Planetary System has officially begun!

As part of this phase, the split that was previously in the chat will now be implemented across the main site.

Upon entering CF, you will be prompted to select between Venus and Mars. This choice will determine which version of the site you will be directed to.

Mars will only host male characters and male vs male battles. Character keywords "male/female" or "female/female" will not be able to enter Mars once the planetary restrictions are enforced. Venus is the choice for intergender communication and battles and will not allow "male/male" characters.

Your CF account and all characters attached to it will be accessible on both Mars and Venus. However, it is important to note that chat rooms, comments, and messages are separated now between the two sites. Changes made on one site will not propagate to the other site.

With this in mind, we recommend choosing one primary site for each of your characters in preparation for phase 3.
In conjunction with the phase 2 launch, most of our federations have also been assigned to either Mars or Venus. If you are a federation admin and believe your federation has been assigned to the wrong planet, please open a support case through the help center. Some general federation will continue to exist on both planets. As a federation admin, you can request the removal of one version.

As this is a cyber fight roleplaying site, you may also consider modifying or creating additional characters on either site in order to align with the planetary restrictions. This will allow you to fully participate in the content and functionality of both versions of the site.

In preparation for phase 3, we also encourage you to select your character stats as soon as possible. This will ensure that you are ready for the next phase of our change and can fully participate in the site's content and functionality.

We understand that this change may be difficult for some members of our community, and we want to assure you that it was not made lightly. We believe that this split will ultimately lead to a better experience for all of our users, and we appreciate your understanding and support as we move forward with this transition.

Thank you for your continued engagement and participation in our community.

Frequently asked questions and comments, answered:
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2022-12-21 18:40

Question: Once phase 3 is implemented, are tags the ONLY thing restricting a character from going to Mars/Venus? For example, if I join Venus for mixed matches, am I able to join Mars too as long as I remove the Male/Female tag?

Grayson Wolf

2022-12-24 04:24

(In reply to this)

I’m also wondering this


2023-01-02 05:11

(In reply to this)

Apparently it's not because i was assigned to the wrong planet. i tried to fix this and am still locked out.

BobXX (deleted member)

2023-01-02 09:24

(In reply to this)

I can no longer do male/male fights. I tried adding back on male/male, but I'm still locked out of Mars and can not even respond to or read email messages delivered to Mars. It says I have to open a tech support case to go back to Mars. Phase 3 has gone too far. These changes, in my opiinion, have really diminished the site.


2022-12-21 19:27

This change is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. as if we as adults couldn't decide which room. To join based kn our OWN preferences without you having to choose for us. Also if there is a mvm channel I think fvf channel required for equality. You chose these changes now step up and make it equal for those that want fvf only

Emily Anderson

2022-12-21 20:08

Interesting changes.
And people, there are some issues, but with how hard these guys are working, maybe just let them finish all of their work before trashing on the ideas?

Yellow Dummy (deleted member)

2022-12-21 21:32

I have to admit, I m cool with the direction because I can still play in both and that's what matter. Even so, a piece of my dummy heart can't stand in front of a split. I was really thinking that in this place (a bouble about fetish , fighting and sexting) we can effectively start to share the same room.
I probably will miss that feeling. (Bisex dummy)

PS: btw the differences of gender distribution is totally different from Meetfighers. I will bet that less than 1% are real women.


2022-12-21 21:48

Please, this new colors in Venus are making me Blind!

Nora OBrian

2022-12-21 23:42

(In reply to this)

It is very very blue I got to say. It would be nice to be able to tweak the color scheme with a few options but I know you have your hands full.


2022-12-21 23:59

A three planet system is the only one that really makes sense. If that's not feasible, then the planet system should just be done away with because it's obnoxious and clunky to achieve basically nothing.

YukoKimoto (deleted member)

2022-12-22 04:54

Please, PLEASE don't make this permanent. It's like you think bi people and bi characters don't exist--to say nothing of the grotesque non-binary erasure going on! It's also VERY user unfriendly and it's very confusing to move back and forth. There's other sites where I can do role play, why are you making this site such a chore to use?

The marketing behind this is very creative, but the decision is ultimately lame.
Let me guess, gay guys and their fragile mindset could not handle the inclusion of people besides gay men on the site, so they demanded their own "world" just for them. They always throw this same hissy fit on every site like this.
Absolutely comical.
I give credit to the admin for trying to put a fun twist on this, but I think at the end of the day it is just confusing and unnecessary and will just harm the site.


2022-12-22 17:33

Your resources went thin when it came to giving the guys what they want. Why not women first? Or at least equal billing


2022-12-23 04:59

Maybe part of phase 3 should be one site for girls only, another for boys only, and a third one for normal people. But seriously, it comes across as sexist agenda and with it, a hardcore 1950's style encapsulation of gender roles.

"Why is this happening?
See previous news posts - and comments. The short summary is: frequent user requests and careful deliberation."

Why not give the frequent requesters their own location? I suggest a poll to discover what the majority of users want. My impression is that you're pissing off the majority to suit a persistent minority.

Patti (deleted member)

2022-12-28 13:15

Just wondering, will there be a story of the week for each planet?

Patti (deleted member)

2023-01-02 09:09

To me. I don't think any of this was really necessary, and it's all very confusing.


2023-01-04 04:15

I just noticed that Venus, per the description allows ONLY MvF, therefore, males or females who have no preference are forced to become closeted with regard to not having a preference.
While the world moves forward with gender equality, CF is dragging forward a flawed concept from the 50's - "separate but equal." It never has nor ever will happen. I can still imagine this being the permanent state of things, as long as reluctant egos won't admit it was a mistake.

Felix jordan

17 days ago

Any one chat

Felix jordan

17 days ago

Anyone chat