#Mars and #Venus - Phase 3


After we transition to Phase 1, and Phase 2, we are now leading into the final Phase 3 of planetary colonization.

Venus stays unrestricted. Consider it the 'classic' experience.
A return to Earth is no longer possible. In the 21st century, greed and misinformation made the planet unhabitable for generations.

Terraforming beginnings:
Advancements in nanotechnology made it possible to change the color of the whole world! The council cannot take the burden (and blame) for choosing the right color. Therefore everyone can suggest a color. And the top most mentioned colors will be voted one. Our advanced holographic simulator will showcase a view of the planet for the final voting. The council will keep his veto right.
Enter the federation Terraforming Venus to suggest your color and cast your votes.

Best Regards,

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2023-01-01 19:46

You guys are funny..The whole site was changed instantly without a lot of consultation with a lot of the members Now you want Input on the colours Yay! Just what I was waiting for.


2023-01-01 20:53

Agree. Confused by all of this I am afraid

Grayson Wolf

2023-01-01 23:08

Oh this is ridiculous. You change everything, making us choose which matches we want to keep without ANY sort of majority vote, oh but now you’re leaving the colors up to us??? Ridiculous.


2023-01-01 23:38

Just baffled why the mods are wasting so much time with this stuff.

D Struckshun

2023-01-02 01:31

(In reply to this)

Agreed! The whole exercise is insane.


2023-01-02 01:28

1. I just took off the Male/Female tag on my secondary character that I use all the time and I was still unable to function on #mars.

2. I followed suit with the primary account character so that both my characters are only Male/Male and I still can't function on #mars.

3. This really screws bi guys out of any sort of fun. The guys hanging out on #venus are looking for matches with fems, even if they're bi.

4. "But you just need to make a #mars dedicated character." No user should be forced to manage multiple accounts and characters if they don't want to. One character should suffice for both environments!

5. Rather than splitting this site into multiple, discriminatory environments, why didn't you simply create a new, more exclusive website for Male/Male hookups? Is it because you didn't want to go through the hassle of managing multiple websites?

6. What was wrong with everyone sharing the same general #lobby and exploring more specific desires in other rooms, federations, or pm's? How has anything intrinsically improved for the Male/Male users? No one has yet to plausibly answer this question.

Damien Holf

2023-01-02 02:23

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I agree with all the points here. This change is incredibly unnecessary and questionable. I’ve removed the fem related tags (on all my characters) yet I still can’t access mars on any of them.

The Tech

2023-01-02 02:50

(In reply to this)

Please double-check if your characters are enabled on your current planet: manage-characters.
If you think your character got wrongly assigned, please request a transfer over the ticket system to the other planed by indicating the character name and the destination planet (mars/venus).

D Struckshun

2023-01-02 02:55

(In reply to this)

Please simply return things to how they were. An exclusive federation would work just as well without so much user frustration.

Judo Steve

2023-01-02 16:42

It changed without consulting anyone it is ridiculous you have spoilt it

YukoKimoto (deleted member)

2023-01-02 19:21

What a fucking disaster. You've ruined the whole website because of some loud hateful biphobes, upended anything, gave no notice, gave a vague time table, didn't ask for a vote...and now you want to know what FUCKING COLORS WE WANT? Put it back! Everyone's characters are in the wrong place, we're making endless duplicate characters, if you can't revert it to how it was before you ruined everything then at least leave it how it was in Phase 2 where we could move back and forth. This is such an awful change.

D Struckshun

2023-01-02 22:00

(In reply to this)

Hear here!

YukoKimoto (deleted member)

2023-01-02 19:23

Why does the site leadership subscribe to the Elon Musk school of website management?

D Struckshun

2023-01-02 21:59

(In reply to this)

Hahaha yes! This!

Evan Stone (deleted member)

2023-01-02 23:55

Oh, this is great. Now if you criticize the change as unwise in your planet moving request they won't undo their mistake and put your character in the right planet. Help is selective now.

The Tech

2023-01-02 23:58

(In reply to this)

Criticizing is fine.
Insulting not.
And yes a private website can be as selective as it wants to be...

Evan Stone (deleted member)

2023-01-03 01:32

(In reply to this)

I insulted no one. I criticized a decision as unwise. It has created many unnecessary problems and was implemented poorly. It was unwise.


2023-01-03 05:56

(In reply to this)

A private website can be as selective as it wants to be. But, if you annoy enough people you won't have your private website anymore. You should mind your words. This is criticism, not an insult. You have an approval rating of 23% on this thread. You should seriously consider changing the course you've been taking. I don't want this cool website to go away due to bad management.

Evan Stone - Venus (deleted member)

2023-01-03 18:14

(In reply to this)

The admin's course of action only makes sense if we assume Admin wants everyone on Venus to leave the site.

By the way, it's down to 17%. Even if you average that with the 75% approval on the Mars thread--toxic comments and all--more than half the site gave your threads a thumbs down.

DRP 119

2023-01-04 07:50

I think having a classic Chatfighters and a MvM exclusive chat might have been more acceptable. The Mars and Venus setup is kind of confusing. I try to have matches with people of all sexs and by cutting off the mvm element from the Female and Mixed, a lot of us are going to get reduced options in terms of male on male fights and females that do mixed are going to be flooded on all sides, possibly more than the old option. Also as FvF and Mixed are grouped together, there's going to be an assumption everyone on that side of the site is into mixed which is going to lead to more females being harrassed than before. I get they have options like and so on but I feel like this limits the greatness of what I think is the premier cyber fighting websites in my 20+ years of cyber wrestling.

The Tech

2023-01-04 13:34

(In reply to this)

  • I think having a classic Chatfighters and a MvM exclusive chat might have been more acceptable.[...]
    • This is exactly the case, and mentioned in the 2nd sentence of the news post above:
    • Venus stays unrestricted. Consider it the 'classic' experience.


2023-01-04 19:23

Just remember what happened to New Coke


2023-01-05 14:50

How about crap brown for the way this has been messed up

The Tech

2023-01-05 16:03

(In reply to this)

Colors can be suggested in the federations/Terraforming Venus


2023-01-05 16:27

(In reply to this)

Colours ..Its a bout time we could suggest colours Is Polka Dot a colour?

Jenny Prise

2023-01-05 18:52

What bothers me is I cannot even VIEW profiles if I read a story that involves two guys. If I wanted to see the fighters profiles involved, I can't. I had a great time when boxing with a guy who didn't have mvf in his original profile, but we could communicate just fine, send messages privately, send mail messages. NOW??? I can't contact him at all, can't write him a mail message, can't view his profile at all. So you've completely cut off our ability to chat in any form... how is THAT an improvement?

The Tech

2023-01-05 19:36

(In reply to this)

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while trying to access certain stories on our site.

Please be aware that our site recently underwent a split, which has resulted in some stories and characters being placed on the "Mars" section of our site. This change should only affect stories that were specifically impacted by the split, and it should not apply to new stories or content.

If you are unable to access certain stories or characters, we recommend trying to view them on the "Mars" section of our site. If you continue to have difficulty accessing these stories, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.

We hope this resolves the issue you were experiencing and thank you for your patience.

Jenny Prise

2023-01-05 20:00

(In reply to this)

I am a woman, and would not qualify to access Mars. Every time I try to 'access' something that is in 'mars' I get a message noting I don't have access. You didn't even answer the question. This isn't about access to stories, which I have, it's about access to people and their profiles for the simple task of VIEWING them, and possibly interaction with people that were great to chat with. And to simply cut off access to people is ridiculous.

The Tech

2023-01-06 00:20

(In reply to this)

Please double-check if your characters are enabled on your current planet: manage-characters.
If you think your character got wrongly assigned, please request a transfer to the other planed by indicating the character name and the destination planet (mars/venus).

You are still able to read profiles. If this does not work for you, please reach out to us by opening a ticket.


2023-01-06 19:53

Somehow this reminds me of Plan NIne in Outer space


2023-01-09 10:55

So... I don't even think if this is criticizm or not, probably just a point of view.

One and the first thing I really liked (still do) about this website, that's underused - is it's fighting system, as someone who worked on similar systems before. What I liked about it is how modular and open it is. It does not try to be in your way, it's a tool and user can decide how he wants to use it. How many healthbars you want? How many moves each character can do in a row? It then gives you a bunch of different actions to perform, but it also allows you to directly edit values of healthbars, if you want to use some other math that's not available. It also gives you an option to generate healthbards from your character's stats, but you are free to change and adjust them to your liking, or make them yourself from scratch.

And the whole website was like this. It was a tool for people to use how they like. It didn't enforce much of anything. It was (and for the most part still is) flexible.

And while I stand to benefit from this change, being a mixed fighter it helps to filter out majority of those who would not be interested in having an RP with me, I still think it goes against all of the above, it brings in an artificial restriction to an otherwise open and flexible system. It adds confusion. And then there is also an issue that "male\male", "male\female" and "female\female" preferences are not universal. People used them sparingly. For example every once in a while I'd stumble upon a gay male roleplayer who has no interest in anything sexual with females... But enjoys fighting them anyway. There's a difference between sexual orientation and fighting preference. Until this change was implemented it was possible to have both, to somehow communicate it with profile stats, tags and descriptions, but now - if you're a male\male - go to your own planet. Seems harsh and weird. Artificial.

But again, we don't know exactly what kind of end-game you have in mind for this. Which is a communication problem, but I hope that everything will be good. I just hope it won't lose too many users in all of this.

The whole planets lore is fun though :) I can see one solution is to allow some kind of 'travel' between planets, and visits... I think it was mentioned? Or maybe return of the lobby in the form of "interplanetary chat". So you can still sort players into different 'planets' at start, but if they want they can go into this place where everyone is. This will, again, let user decide what they want, providing options, not restricting.

Hutsalot Alticeir

2023-01-13 21:31

(In reply to this)

Here here! Every word well said!


2023-01-20 18:30

I, for one, welcome our new multicolored overlords.


2023-01-20 20:55

Most Unwise of you Wise

Sophia Knight

2023-01-25 05:37

Counter suggestion: make a Neptune planet where all people of male/male and any female can mingle.

The Tech

2023-01-25 12:45

(In reply to this)

This is Venus, on Venus all members can meet, chat and mingle.
Venus has no restrictions, as mentioned in the main post above.

It is the 2nd sentence:

  • Venus stays unrestricted. Consider it the 'classic' experience.

D Struckshun

2023-01-28 05:05

(In reply to this)

Except that guys can't tag Male Vs Male on their interests, so everyone's going around with the impression that only intergender matches take place on this side. Even bi guys that would normally take on other guys are more reticent to do so on this side. And there are gay guys that would wrestle women who can't hang out on this side because they had to choose between Male vs Male and Male vs Female.

The Tech

2023-01-29 01:32

(In reply to this)

  • Except that guys can't tag Male Vs Male on their interests
That is simply not true, you can select male/male under your tags on venus.
There are currently 994 characters on Venus with this tag, you can use the character search to find them.

Everyone can be on Venus who wants to be. As mentioned further up.

Brad Janus

2023-01-28 21:49

(In reply to this)

complete BS. There are countless profiles I cannot even view. I get the message they are on another planet or something with a pink banner. Can't even interact with them.

The Tech

2023-01-29 01:38

(In reply to this)

Correct, these are characters that got created before the split but prefer to stay on Mars. The corresponding Venus (or mars) profile is closed (->pink error message)

As mentioned further up they can request the reactivation of the character on eighter or both plants at any time.

I understand how you think this is 'bull shit' but please acknogle the fact that there are members of ChatFighters who prefer to stay on Mars. And members who prefer Venus. And some are on both.
We offer all three options.


2023-01-27 16:13

We might as well be Walkin' on the Sun.